Self Tuition Products

"How To" Manual for Piobaireachd

CODE: B-149

"How To" Manual for Piobaireachd - by Major Archie Cairns.

This book is a helpful guide to reading, understanding, and playing Piobaireachd. This book is perfect for players who would like to gain a better understanding and knowledge of how to play Piobaireachd. It is an indispensable guide. This book comes with a cd.

Deluxe "How to" Kit for Bagpipes

CODE: S-051 B

Pipers' Choice
Learn to Play the Bagpipe - Deluxe Kit. This Deluxe kit contains a high quality Pipers' Choice Regular practice chanter (A-153), practice chanter reed, and a Major A.M. Cairns "How To" Learn the Bagpipe Book with cd (B-022B). It is attractively packaged in a plastic display package. This kit has been specifically designed for a beginner in mind. The deluxe kit is recommended over the regular kit because of the quality of the practice chanter that is in the kit.

Everyday Gaelic

CODE: B-270

Everyday Gaelic - Learn Gaelic. This book teaches you useful phrases, and builds your vocabulary. It takes a very systematic approach to learning how to speak the ancient language of Gaelic. There is an Audio cd that goes along with this, so that you can make sure you get your pronunciation correct.

Guinness Tin Whistle & Instruction Book

CODE: EN 115


Guinness Tin Whistle Tutor Kit - This new whistle pack comes with an instructional book and the black whistle. This is a terrific package that is proving to be very popular with those wanting to learn the whistle. Each kit comes with a book and has over 20 well known favorites for you to learn.

Learn to Play the Bagpipe

CODE: S-050

Learn to Play the Bagpipe - This kit uses a book by R.T. Shepherd. It contains precise photographs showing all finger positions; time counting exercises; detailed descriptions in playing marches, strathspeys and reels; theory and 12 carefully chosen tunes. This kit includes a wood practice chanter (A-108), a practice chanter reed, and a R.T. Shepherd -Learn to play the bagpipe book with CD (B-008)

Premium "How To" Kit for Bagpipes - Regular Delux PC

CODE: S-052

Pipers' Choice
Premium "How To" Kit for Bagpipes - This Deluxe "How To" Kit contains a high quality Deluxe Pipers' Choice Long practice chanter (A-131), practice chanter reed, and a Major A.M. Cairns "How To" Learn the Bagpipe Book with CD (B-022B). It comes packaged in a Deluxe Practice Chanter case. The case is perfect for not only storing your practice chanter, but also for taking your practice chanter back and forth to lessons.

Scottish Gaelic in 12 Weeks

CODE: B-272


Scottish Gaelic in Twelve Weeks -  This book covers essential points of grammer and pronunciation, and containing model sentences, key phrases, exercises based on real-life scenarios and a mini Gaelic-English dictionary. Scottich Gaelin in Twelve Weeks is the ideal introduction to the language, eminently suitable for self-learners and for use in the classroom.