Scots Guards Vol. 2

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Scots Guards Standard Settings of Pipe Music Volume 2 - This book is a continuation of the ever popular book one. If you are looking for the most popular tunes for a pipes then this is the book for you. This collection of books have it all, they are basically a must for any piper.

Tunes in this book:

74th's Farewell To Edinburgh, The
8th Argyll's Farewell To Basincourt, The
Alan Mac Pherson Of Mosspark
An Daorach Bheag (The Little Spree)
Angus Mac Kinnon
Archie Beag
Auld Lang Syne
Baile In D'A Loch (O'er The Bows To Ballindalloch)
Balmoral (With Seconds)
Banjo Breakdown, The
Banks Of Allan Water
Banks Of The Lossie, The
Barbara's Jig
Barney's Balmoral- A Reel
Beaton's Blue Bonnet
Bloody Fields Of Flanders, The (With Seconds)
Bobbie Cuthbertson
Borneo (Kalabakan)
Boys Of Blue Hill, The
Braes Of Brecklet, The
Braes Of Castle Grant, The
Brentwood Bay
Bundle And Go
By My Ain Fireside (The Cradle Song)
Cabar Feidh
Cailinn Mo Ruinsa (The Maid I Adore)
Caledonian Society Of London, The
Calum Beag
Cameron Quickstep, The (Henderson's March)
Cameronian Rant, The
Captain Andrew Pitkeathly
Captain Carswell
Captain Colin Campbell
Castle Dangerous (With Seconds)
Chow Man, The
Circassian Circle, The
Clean Pease Strae
Cock Of The North, The
Colonel Iain A. Ferguson, O. B. E.
Colonel Mac Leod
Conundrum, The
Corrienessan's Salute (Failte Choir'-an-Easain)
Cradle Song, The (By My Ain Fireside)
Crossing The Minch
Cullen Bay
Cumha An T-Seana Chlaidheimh (Lament For The Old Sword)
Cumha Mhic An Toisich (Mac Intosh's Lament)
Cumha Mhic Mhic Alasdair (Glengarry's Lament)
Cutting Bracken
Dark Island, The
Desert March, The
Devil In The Kitchen, The
Doctor Ross's 50th Welcome To The Argyllshire Gathering
Donald Willie And His Dog
Dornoch Links
Dream Angus
Duke Of Gordon's Birthday, The
Duncan Johnstone
Duncan Mc Innes
Duncan Mc Neill Esq.'s Farewell To Melfort
Dundee City Police Pipe Band, The
Eileen Mac Donald
El Alamein (With Seconds)
Ewe With The Crooked Horn, The
Fagail Liosmor (Leaving Lismore)
Failte Choir'-An-Easain (Corrienessan's Salute)
Failte Shir Sheumais (Sir James Mac Donald/Isles/Salute)
Fair Jean (Sine Bhan)
Fairy Lullaby, The
Farewell To Nigg
Festival March, The
Flower Of Scotland, The (With Seconds)
Foxhunter, The
Gaelic Air, A (O Luaidh) (Oh My Dearest Dear)(With Seconds))
Gay Gordons, The
General Sir Michael Gow's Farewell To Edinburgh Castle
Ghillie Calum (Solo Sword Dance)
Girl, The (The Gruagach)
Glasgow City Police Pipers, The
Glasgow Week In Hamburg
Glen Caladh Castle
Glengarry's Lament (Cumha Mhic Mhic Alasdair)
Gruagach, The (The Girl)
H. M. S. Renown
H. R. H. The Duke Of Kent G.C.M.G., G.C.V.O., A.D.C.
Haste To The Wedding
Henderson's March (The Cameron's Quickstep)
High Level, The
High Road To Gairloch, The
I Laid A Herring In Salt
I See Mull (Land Of My Youth) (With Seconds)
I Will Go Home To Kintail (Theid Mi Dhachaidh'Chro Chinn)
Ina Mac Kenzie
Inveraray Castle
Inverinate House
Irene Meldrum's Welcome To Bon Accord
Irish Washerwoman, The
Jackie Tar (Sailors Hornpipe)
Johnnie Mac Donald's Reel
Jolly Beggarman, The
Kalabakan (Borneo)
Kantara To El Arish
Kenny Gilles Of Portnalong, Skye
Kirkwall Bay
Lady Lever Park
Lament For The Old Sword (Cumha An T-Seana Chlaidheimh)
Land Of My Youth (I See Mull) (With Seconds)
Lass Of Richmond Hill, The
Leaving Lismore (Fagail Liosmor)
Leaving Lochboisdale
Lexy Mc Askill
Lieutenant Colonel D. J. S. Murray
Lieutenant Colonel D. J. S. Murray
Lieutenant Colonel D. M. Naylor, M. B. E.
Little Cascade, The
Little Spree, The (An Daorach Bheag)
Loch Ruan (With Seconds)
Loch Tay Boat Song
Lochaber Gathering, The
Lochiel's Away To France
Lord Lovat's Lament (With Seconds)
Love Lullaby, The
Lumsden's Rant
Mac Beth's Strathspey
Mac Intosh's Lament (Cumha Mhic An Tiosich)
Mac Leod Of Mull
Mac Neils Of Ugadale, The
Maid I Adore, The (Cailinn Mo Ruinsa)
Mairi's Wedding
Major A. T. Philipson, M. B. E.
Major Campbell Graham, M. B. E.
Major J. J. D. Cox
Major Manson's Farewell To Clachantrushal
Man From Glengarry, The
Man From Skye, The
Margaret M. Duncan
Mc Guire's Jig
Millbank Cottage
Mingulay Boat Song, The
Miss Delecia Chisholm
Miss Girdle
Morag Of Dunvegan (With Seconds)
Mrs. Dalzel-Job
Mrs. Mac Donald Of Dunach
Mull Of Kintyre, The
Murdo's Wedding
Ness Pipers, The
Nicky Tams, The
No. 2 Coy Grenadier Guards
O Luaidh (A Gaelic Air) (Oh My Dearest Dear) (With Seonds)
O'er The Bows To Ballindalloch (Baile In D'A Loch)
Oh My Dearest Dear (A Gaelic Air) (O Luaidh) (With Seconds)
Old Rustic Bridge, The
Paddy Mc Ginty's Goat
Paddy O'Rafferty
Pidgeon On The Gate, The
Pipe Major Calum Campbell
Pipe Major George Allan
Pipe Major J. G. Cairns
Pipe Major J. K. Cairns
Pipe Major Joe Wilson (Gordon Highlanders)
Pipe Major John Stewart
Pipe Major K. G. Roe, B. E. M., Farewell To The Scots Guards
Pipe Major Robert Rennie
Pipe Major W. Ross's Farewell To The 2nd Battalion Scots Gds.
Rab's Wedding
Rakes Of Kildare, The
Redford Cottage
Right Flank's Farewell To Lurgan 1973
Rowan Tree, The (With Seconds)
Royal Scottish Piper's Society, The
Saffron Kilt, The (With Seconds)
Scots Guards Farewell To Sharjah
Sine Bhan (Fair Jean)
Sir James Mac Donald Of The Isles' Salute (Failte Shir Sheum)
Sleepy Maggie
Sound Of Sleet, The
South Hall
Support Company, 1st Scots Guards Farewell To Divis Flats
Susan Mac Leod
Taking Of Beaumont Hamel, The
Talmine Bay
Tam Bain's Lum
Theid Mi Dhachaidh 'Chro Chinn T-Saile (I'll Go Home/Kintail)
Thick Lies The Mist On Yonder Hill
Train Journey North, The
Tulloch Castle
Turf Lodge
Two Ronnies And Maggies, The
Village Of The Two Lochs (O'er The Bows To Ballindalloch)
Welcome The Piper
Whistle O'er The Lave O't
Wiseman's Exercise
Young Mac Gregor, The