Pipe Music Book 1

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Pipe Music Book 1 - by A.M. Cairns. You will find a wide variety of music that all pipers will find interesting as well as being able to play. A good tune is one that makes a melodic statement and that is what you will find in this book. A great addition to your collection!

Tunes in this book:

Adam Wong
Alexander Mac Kenzie (with harmony)
Argyll Is My Name
Bonnie Louise
Branford, The
Bromptom Road, The
Ca' The Ewes
Captain Cook's March
Captain N. C. Shuttleworth
Chief John Dickson's Welcome
Clan Mac Rae Society, The
Colin Clark Carruthers
Colonel-In-Chief March, The
Dashing White Sergeant, The
Dewra Castle
Dorothy Grace Baillie
Duncan Baillie (1893-1962)
Duncan Gray (Robbie Burns Medley)
Dundurn Castle (Hamilton, Ontario)
Fairy Lullaby, The (Harmony and Drum Setting)
Falls Of Lora, The
Farewell To Three (A Sad Tune For Gary)
Fiona's Fancy
Fires Of Kuwait, The
Fires Of Kuwait, The (Harmony)
Flora Mac Lennan's Favourite
Fran's Jig
Gary Allan (Brockville)
Gay Gordons, The
General John de Chastelain, CMM, CD
I'll Remember Tara
I'se The B'yse
Inverness Hornpipe
Irish Washerwoman
John Peel
Johnny's Jig
Kate Dalrymple
Koreen Mac Neil
Lady Byng Of Vimy
Laird Of Drumblair, The
Lament For Barbara And Dr. Dan Reid, A
Lament For The Canadian Argylls
Lieutenant Colonel G. L. Simpson
Lieutenant General J. W. Quinn, CD
Linlithgow Palace
Loch Loskin
Longueval (with harmony)
Mac Kenzie's Farewell To Rosshire
Major General H. A. Sparling
Major General Rockingham
Major Jim Daveny
Malcolm Christopher Cairns
Man's A Man For A' That, A (Robbie Burns Medley)
Men Of Harlech
Mermaid's Jig, The
Michael Willaim Cairns
Miss Catherine Grindlay
Miss Gretchen Helms
Mrs. Elder's Waltz
Mrs. Joy Cairns
Mrs. Mac Leod Of Raasay
Murphy's Boots
My Love She's But A Lassie Yet (Robbie Burns Medley)
No More To Return
Nut Brown Maiden, The
Pipe Major Alex Craig
Pipe Major Duncan Rankine
Pipe Major J. K. Cairns (1896-1952)
Pipe Major J. K. Cairns (1896-1952) - Harmony
Prince Edward Island
Robin Adair (Robbie Burns Medley)
Roderick Ross (with harmony)
Sad Tune For Gary, A (Farewell To Three)
Sailor's Hornpipe
Short Coated Mary
Skye Boat Song, The (Harmony and Drum Setting)
Song For Brittany, A
Star O' Robbie Burns (Robbie Burns Medley) Intro.
There Was ALad Born In Kyle (Robbie Burns Medley)
Tom Foley's Folly
Vive La Canadienne
Wee Angus Campbell
Willie Cumming's Rant