Piobaireachd Society Books

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Piobaireachd Society Books - The Piobaireachd society books some of the most sought after books for those interested in learning Ceol Mor. These books contain some of the best-known, and most popular Piobaireachd's. There are 15 books in total. These books can be purchased individually, or as a bound Edition. The bound editions contain a General Preface and index of tunes.

Tunes in this book:

Battle Of The Bridge Of Perth, The (Ceann Drochaid Pheairt)
Battle Of The Pass Of Crieff, The (Cath Bhealach Chraoibhe)
Big Spree, The (An Daorach Mhor)
Company's Lament, The (Cumha Na Cuideachd)
Finger Lock, The (A' Ghlas Mheur)
Groat, The (An Grota)
In Praise Of Morag (Guileagag No Moladh Moraig)
Lament For Finlay (Cumha Fhionnlaigh)
Lament For Mac Swan Of Roaig (Cumha Mhic Shuain A Roaig)
Lament For The Castle Of Dunyveg(Cum.Chaisteal Dhun Naomhaig)
Lament For The Viscount Of Dundee (Cumha Chlaibhers)
Prince's Salute, The (Failt' A' Phrionnsa)