New Products!

Tartan Slippers

CODE: G-430


Tartan slippers -  These slippers are easy to put on squirmmy little feet but stay secure. The gripps on the bottom keep them moving. Made in all 5 tartans in sizes 3-6 & 6-12

Scottie Dog Note Cards - Updated

CODE: G-028

Heraldic Line

Scottie Dog Note Cards - Newly updated! These Scottie Dog note cards are a familiar favorite. Cards come blank on the inside so that you can write any message you like. This pack comes as 10 cards and envelopes.

Piper's Pal Recharge kit

CODE: A-018 A


Piper's Pal Recharge kit - Recharge of the humidity control system is recommended annuallly to keep your Piper's Pal in optimal condition.

McCallum AB1 Bagpipes

CODE: A-119


McCallum AB1 Bagpipes - made from African Blackwood with a polypenco pipe chanter. These pipes have wood projecting mounts, with nickle ring caps, slides and ferrules. They are fully combed and beaded. McCallum Bagpipes are the most popular sets of blackwood pipes that we sell today. The pipes come with a Bannatyne zippered synthetic bag, synthetic drone reeds, pipe cover, and silk cords. The chanter reed is a cane reed. These pipes are fully set up and ready to go.

To customize your set of bagpipes, please take a look at the options to the right. You can select bag size, bag style, bag cover, cords and other options.

Piper's Choice Elite practice chanter reed

CODE: A-064 PC


The Elite Practice reed gives you a bolder, more robust sound from a traditional practice reed. This gives you a truer chanter sound making your practice time more enjoyable.

Adult Touques

CODE: G-590


Keep you head warm with a flag touque.

Scotland - Story Began T-Shirt

CODE: G-031


Scotland - Where my story began t-shirt - In the background of the Scotland is an image of the iconic Edinburgh Castle. This t-shirt is on a black shirt in all sizes.

Piper's Pal Reed Protector

CODE: A-018


The Piper's Pal Reed Protector functions as a reed protector with the added benefit of a humidity control system. The rod keeps humidified air surrounding the chanter reed. The cap absorbs moisture when reed is wet and provides moisture when the reed is dry. Recharge kits and replacement rods sold seperatly.

Scotland Lion Wrap

CODE: G-039


Scotland Lion Wrap - With Scotland big and bold across the top and a Rampant Lion wrapping around your side, you can show your Scottish pride. This t-shirt is on a black shirt in all sizes.

Child Touques

CODE: G-902


Keep you head warm with a flag touque.

Holographic Bumper Sticker

CODE: G-155


Bright, holographic images show of the country flags with pride. Size: 11.75" x 2.75"

Tree of Life - Women's

CODE: G-035


Tree of Life t-shirt - The Tree of Life is a very popular icon. This classic celtic image is on a black, fitted t-shirt. Sizes small to XX Large.