General Interest Piping

The Silver Chanter

CODE: B-198

The Silver Chanter - by Stuart McHardy. This book had a nice collection of traditional Scottish and Gaelic tales that have been translated into a modern perspective. It is a great little book to read about traditional Scottish and Gaelic Culture.

The Judges Companion

CODE: B-150

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The Judges Companion -By Rob Wallace. Have you ever thought of becoming a judge for Piping Competitions. This book gives a look at what you should be looking for, and how you can properly judge a piping contest. It give some good insight and tips. This book is not only for the newcomer to judging, it can also be a good re-fresher for those who have been out of it for a while.

The Book of the Bagpipe

CODE: B-023

The Book of the Bagpipe -By Hugh Cheape. This readable and highly informative text presents the story of the pipes from their origin in ancient times to the present day. It is a wonderful hard cover coffee table book with wonderful illustrations. It is a must have for anybody interested in the history of the Great Highland Bagpipe.

R.S. MacDonald - The Collection

CODE: B-169


RS MacDonald has been a friend of the Duncan family for as long as he can remember. In 2009 he also released a book of his own compositions along side "A Few Tunes - And Mair" at Piping Live.

Some of these tunes can be found on albums from both Gordon and the Vale of Atholl Pipe Band. It is definately one for the collection, and can now be bought through the Gordon Duncan Memorial Trust.

Highland Bagpipe Makers. 2nd Edition

CODE: B-032

The first edition of Highland Bagpipe Makers was written originally in response to the many requests received by author Jeannie Campbell over the years for... More

Gordon Duncan's Tunes Book II

CODE: B-158 B


Following the success of the original book in 2007, many compositions were missed out. However there was not enough to create a book on that alone, so the trust decided to use the 'missing tunes' and some of Gordon's more iconic arrangements to create Gordon Duncan's Tunes Book 2.

This includes, the infamous arrangement of AC/DCs "Thunderstruck", in full.

Complete Guide to Bagpipe Reeds

CODE: B-139

Complete Guide to Highland Bagpipe Reeds - by Chris Apps. This book is a complete guide to working with reeds for the highland bagpipe. This book will teach you how to deal with ridge cut reeds, flat cut reeds, drone reeds, and practice chanter reeds. There is also information on setting up and maintaining your bagpipe for optimum results. A reed mandrel can also be purchased for working with reeds.

Bagpipes - by Hugh Cheape

CODE: B-152

Bagpipes - by Hugh Cheape. This book is based on a collection of Bagpipes from the National Museum in Scotland. The book offers and account of the musicology of the bagpipe in its European context. The book comes with a CD-ROM as well.