General Music

Simon Fraser Collection

CODE: B-042

Simon Fraser Collection -

The Simon Fraser Collection brings together the Airs and Melodies peculiar to the Highlands and The Isles from 1715 to 1745. Many of the over 240 Airs in this book are Captain Fraser's instrumental settings of Gaelic songs derived from the singing of his father, grandfather and their acquaintances. Other tunes are a mixture of traditional and newly composed strathspeys, reels and jigs from this time period. The music in this book is especially written for those who play the piano, harp, organ and fiddle. People interested in this type of music will be aware of the Simon Fraser Collection due to the history that it is part of. The product has been unavailable for years, which makes it a very popular item.

The Harp and Claymore

CODE: B-132

The Harp and Claymore - by J. Scott Skinner - This classic collection, recently reprinted, is comprised of pastorals, marches, strathspeys and reels, hornpipes, laments and songs in memory of a romantic and patriotic past. Music is provided for voice, violin, bagpipe and piano.

Brenda Stubbert's Collection

CODE: B-058

Brenda Stubbert's Collection of Fiddle Tunes - Brenda, an accomplished fiddler, piano accompanist and step dancer is steeped in Cape Breton dance music traditions. A great talent as composer and player.

Jerry Holland Collection

CODE: B-046

The Second Collection - by Jerry Holland - This collection contains over 300 tunes including 100 new Holland compositions. This volume is the fifth in the Cape Breton Musical Heritage Series.

Lighthouse Collection

CODE: B-161

Lighthouse Collection - by Paul Cranford - Includes jigs, reels, marches, strathspeys, airs and pipe tunes. Something for everyone. Also includes a CD with 18 tracks of many of the tune in the book.

The Skye Collection

CODE: B-041

The Skye Collection

Originally compiled by K.N. MacDonald is finally back in print once again. This long sought after book is of highest quality, using meticulous printing techniques, heavy bond paper, 8.5" x 11", spiral binding for easy use, and an attractive varnished cover. The history of this great music collection goes back over a hundred years. In the 1880's, Keith Norman MacDonald started to gather tunes, both those that were written down and those that had been passed on "by ear". Some were written for the pipes or piano, but the majority were for the violin. MacDonald re-arranged the more than 400 tunes so they can be played by fiddle, banjo, piano, organ and many other instruments. Until recently, this work had been out of print for well over fifty years. To own a copy today is rare and even then, the book likely would be tattered and worn, having passed through many hands. This is highly recommended to anyone interested in Scottish music.