Stronach Snare Drum Tutor

CODE: B-027

Snare Drum Tutor - By Doug Stronach - This book is a method for beginner and intermediate drummers. It features a CD with 78 recorded audio tracks, 14 digital videos, scores played with or without a piper, all exercises with or without a metronome.

Scores for the Grade 4 Drummer

CODE: B-167

Scores for the Grade 4 Drummer - By Blair Brown. This is a great book of scores for the grade 4 drummer, and some lower level grade 3 drummers. It also includes a number of exercises. There are 2 cd's containing all of the music contained in the book.

Massed Band Drum Scores

CODE: B-164

Massed Band Scores for Pipe Band Drummers with CD - This book is a great stepping stone for people who have gone through a regular drumming tutor book, and are ready to continue on with their education in drumming. It will teach you some basic busker scores for 4/4, 3/4, & 6/8 tunes.

Drum Major's Handbook

CODE: B-049

Drum Major's Handbook - By Sgt. E. Burgess, C.D. This book is geared towards a Highland Drum Major as opposed to a regular band Drum Major or Majorette. Its intent is to help the novice understand the basic requirements of a Drum Major at the head of a band and in competition.