Contemporary Books

Terry Tully Book 4

CODE: B-029 C

Terry Tully Book 4 - A collection of Traditional Irish Music. Terry is one of the most successful composers of bagpipe music in Ireland. 2010.

Antipodes Vol. 3

CODE: B-054 A

Antipodes Volume 2 - The Antipodes Collection of music is compiled by Mark Saul. There is a lot of modern music in here. A lot of the tunes in these books were made popular by the Victoria Police Pipe Band. Some of the tunes listed in these books have fast become classics in the pipe band idiom.

Terry Tully Book 5

CODE: B-029 D

Terry Tully Book 5 - Collection of Traditional and Contemporary Irish Music. Terry is one of the most influential composers of bagpipe music in Ireland.... More

Fred Morrison - Outlands

CODE: B-257

Outlands - The most recent collection from legendary piper, Fred Morrison. Drawn primarily from his popular album of the same title, Morrison puts to paper... More

Gordon Duncan's Tunes Book II

CODE: B-158 B


Following the success of the original book in 2007, many compositions were missed out. However there was not enough to create a book on that alone, so the trust decided to use the 'missing tunes' and some of Gordon's more iconic arrangements to create Gordon Duncan's Tunes Book 2.

This includes, the infamous arrangement of AC/DCs "Thunderstruck", in full.

R.S. MacDonald - The Collection

CODE: B-169


RS MacDonald has been a friend of the Duncan family for as long as he can remember. In 2009 he also released a book of his own compositions along side "A Few Tunes - And Mair" at Piping Live.

Some of these tunes can be found on albums from both Gordon and the Vale of Atholl Pipe Band. It is definately one for the collection, and can now be bought through the Gordon Duncan Memorial Trust.

Bob Worrall - Book One

CODE: B-120


Bob Worrall - Book Two

CODE: B-121


Bob Worrall - Book Three

CODE: B-122


Bill Livingstone Vol. 1 reprint

CODE: B-050


Bill Livingstone Book 1 - Bill's original book of Bagpipe Music has been reprinted. Filled with original compositions by Bill Snr., Bill, Michael Grey, Bruce Gandy, John Walsh and many others.