Logan's Tutor

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Logan's Tutor for the Highland Bagpipe - A tutor for learning the Great Highland Bagpipe. This book contains information on getting started, as well as a great selection of tunes to play.

Tunes in this book:

72nd's Farewell To Aberdeen
79th's Farewell To Gibraltar
92nd Gordon Highlander's March, The
Alma, The
An Old Highland Air (Mo Run Geal Deleas)
Annie Of Ballintyre
Atholl Brose
Atholl Highlander's March, The
Barren Rocks Of Aden, The
Braes Of Balquhider, The
Brown Haired Maiden, The
Bruce's Address
Cam' Ye By Atholl
Cameron Men, The
Castle And Keys
Castle Grant
Cha Till Mac Cruimein (Mac Crimmon Will Never Return)
Cock Of The North, The
Colonel Mac Dougall Of Dunolly's
Colonel Stuart Of Garth
Crusader's March, The
Culcairn's Strathspey (Fear Chul Charn)
Deil Among The Tailors
Donald Campbell's Welcome To Glendale
Earl Of Mansfield's March
East Wood Cottage
Erchless Castle
Fear Chul Charn (Culcairn's Strathspey)
Follow My Highland Soldier
Glendaruel Highlanders
Granny Duncan
Haugh's Of Cromdale, The
Highland Laddie
Hills Of Glenorchy, The
Hills Of Glentruim, The
Inverness Gathering, The
Inverness Rant, The
Isle Of Skye Local Militia, The
Lady Dorothea Stewart Murray
Lady Mac Kenzie Of Fairburn
Lady Madelina Sinclair
Lass Of Richmond Hill, The
Lochaber No More
Lord Lovat's Lament
Lord Lovat's Strathspey
Lord Panmure's March
Mac Crimmon Will Never Return (Cha Till Nac Cruimein)
Mac Kenzie Highlander's March
Mac Pherson's Lament
Market Place Of Inverness, The
Marquis Of Huntley's Farewell, The
Marquis Of Tullibardine
Mc Kenzie's Farewell To Sutherland
Mc Kinnon's March, The
Miss Drummond Of Perth
Miss Girdle
Miss Mac Gregor's Favourite
Mo Run Geal Deleas (An Old Highland Air)
Mrs. Mac Leod Of Raasay
Neil Gow's Farewell To Whiskey
Nurse's Song, The
O'er Muir Amang The Heather
Princess Of Wales, The
Reel Of The Mac Farlanes
Seann Triubhas
Speed The Plough
Will You Go To The Isle Of Skye