Iain MacCrimmon Book 4

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Iain MacCrimmon Book 4 - Book four is the last in a series of books by Iain MacCrimmon. This book covers a broad range of tunes varying in complexity. Many are played and have been recorded by leading bands throughout the world. This book is a great walk down memory lane.

Tunes in this book:

Alex Halliburton
Alexander Mac Kenzie Clark
Angus Mac Millan (Vancouver)
Annie's Jig
Black Bottle, The
Briech Slasher, The
Broken Sofa, The
Buchan's Inconvenience
Clachan Fiddler, The
Clan Mac Bain
Climbing Duniquaich
Coffey Time
Costla Bay
Cunningham's Fancy
Dominic Creaghan
Drunken Landlady
Ellan Vannin
First Draft
G. K. Neill
Gentle Days Of Summer, The
George Crawford
Gordyn Margaret Matheson
Gumper, The
Hamiltons Of Kirkcaldy, The
Jimmy Stout
John Napier Mac Askill
Kate Houston
Kenneth Mc Crimmon's March
Kirrie Bandit, The
Lewis And Harris Piping Society, The
Lieutenant Andrew Cook
Lost Boat, The
Mc Crea's Delight
Mc Leod's Wrath
Mill, The
Miss Audrey Mac Kenzie
Miss Gillian Frances Graham
Miss Janet Fraser
Mo Nighean Donn
Mrs. Stewart Of Grantully
Piobaire Cailean
Pipe Major A. Stone
Sandy Oliphant
Sheepwife, The
Stenhouse Of The Novar
Trewgait, The
Trewin Somers
Tug Wilson (88)
Uig To Lochmaddy
Walter Gauld
Willie Bishop
Yorkshire Bite, The