Spats - White

CODE: H-207


White Spats - These Spats come with a Velcro strip for fastening. This gets away from having to do up each button individually. These spats are made of a bleached white material and easy to clean. Buttons are white. These spats are available in full sizes from 7 to 13.

Ghillie Brogues

CODE: H-213


Endrick Style Ghillie Brogues - These Ghillie Brogues have the same look on the top as the Piper style, but come with a different rubber sole. These Ghillie Brogues come in full sizes only, ranging from 4 to 12. As well, the laces and tassels are included.

Piper Ghillie Brogues - WHILE SUPPLIES LAST

CODE: H-213 P


Piper Style Ghillie Brogues - The Piper Style Brogues are about as good of Ghillie that you can find. If you value a good shoe for your foot, then the Piper Brogue is a good option for you. They come in full sizes for size 3, 4, 5, and half sizes from 6 to 12. As well the laces and tassels are included.  CALL AHEAD TO SEE IF YOUR SIZE IS STILL AVAILABLE