Bubble Top Hose - Light Blue

CODE: H-435

Pipers' Choice
Bubble top Hose - Denim. These bubble top hose come in nine different colors. They are available in sizes Small, Medium, Large and Child's. These hose are machine washable. Depending on the Tartan you are wearing, the correct choice of hose color can really help accent the kilt for you.

Guards Style Flashes

CODE: H-221

Guards Style Hose Flashes - These Guards style flashes come with a Velcro clasp to make it east for taking on or off. They come in either Red or Green.

Regular Style Hose

CODE: H-216

Regular Style Hose -These Regular Style Hose are an off-white color. They come in 3 sizes Small, Medium, Large. These hose are machine washable. They are perfect for the person that only used their kilt 2 or 3 times a year.