Toy Instruments

Child's Bodhran

CODE: D-042 A

Child's Bodhrán - Children's Bodhrán's are a great gift for for the young ones in your life. They come with many different designs, on them. The one pictured to the left is the trinity design. Child's Bodhran's measure 8" across and come with a smaller tipper. Please ask for details on the designs that we have in stock.

Deluxe Toy Bagpipe

CODE: A-300

Deluxe Toy Bagpipes - A Child's Gift, or a bar accessory. These Toy Bagpipes come with a Tartan bag cover and a chanter that plays when you blow the pipes. The deluxe model is crafted in wood and arrives in playable condition. A great gift item.

Harp (8 String)


Harp (8 String) - This 8 string harp is the real deal! It actually play and makes a great decoration for around the home or office. This harp can be used by any age group.