Tartan Products


CODE: G-732

Tartan Apron - This Apron is the perfect compliment to any Scottish or Irish Kitchen. The Apron is adjustable around the neck, tied-off in the back and has... More

Deluxe Tartan Tea Cozy

CODE: G-729

Hot Scot

Deluxe Tartan Tea Cozy - This tartan tea cozy is a stylish item for the kitchen and insulated to keep the tea pot warm. The cozy velcro seals at the top allowing for tea to poured whilst in the cozy. Available in the Royal Stewart, Black Watch, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Cape Breton tartans.

Piper's Apron

CODE: G-169

The Piper's Apron - This comical apron is made of a vinyl material allowing it to be used for indoor cooking or outdoor barbecuing. The pattern makes the... More

Tartan Blankie

CODE: G-490

Hot Scot

Tartan Blankie - This soft blankie is available in 5 different tartans. The size is 26" x 40". Perfect for a cuddle with your wee scot.

Tartan Bottle Gift Bag

CODE: G-164

Tartan Bottle Gift Bag - A perfect fit for the gift bottle for dinner parties or celebratory events. The bag is 4.75" x 14" and is available in Red or Blue... More

Tartan Bowtie

CODE: G-726


A dashing addition to your formal wear. The Tartan bowtie has metal clips to fits all collared shirts. Available in 6 tartans. 

Tartan Bowtie & Hanky

CODE: G-727


A dashing addition to your formal wear. The Tartan bowtie has metal clips to fits all collared shirts with a matching pocket hanky to complete the look. Available in 6 tartans. Cape Breton tartan shown.

Tartan Head Wraps

CODE: G-492

Hot Scot

Tartan Head Wraps - Add a little tartan to your wee ones head. Available in 5 different tartans. The band is made of lycra, the bow is polyester.

Tartan Napkins

CODE: G-771

Tartan Napkins - These cloth napkins are !5" x 15" and are machine washable. They are available in four tartans: Royal Stewart, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia,... More

Tartan Oven Mitt

CODE: G-733

Hot Scot
Tartan Oven Mitt - Show your heritage in style with this Oven Mitt, part of our Kitchen line. The standard size Oven Mitt is available in Royal Stewart, Gordon, Maple Leaf, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick tartans.

Tartan Placemat

CODE: G-770

Tartan Placemats - These cloth placemats are !7" x 13" and are machine washable. The placemats are made with tartan material and heat resistant quilting on... More

Tartan Pot Holder

CODE: G-734

Hot Scot
Tartan Pot Holder - This highly insulated Pot Holder makes a nice kitchen accessory for any Scot or tartan lover. Available in Royal Stewart, Nova Scotia, Maple Leaf, Cape Breton, and Shamrock Tartans.