Novelty Items

Bagpipe Mascot


Bagpipe Mascot - Musical. This little bagpipe mascot is a nice little item that usually gets hung from the rear view mirror in the car. It is a little set of bagpipes, and will play "Scotland the Brave" when you press it. A great little gift to express your love for the pipes!

Tartan Bow-tie - Musical


Tartan Bow-tie - Musical. If you love to have fun then this is the product for you. This tartan bow-tie can be the crowning touch to your outfit. When you press it, the bow-tie will play "Scotland the Brave". It is a great hit a parties that are meant to be formal, but there for fun as well. Comes in a red tartan

Musical Shamrock


Musical Shamrock - This little shamrock mascot is musical. When you press it, the tune "Irish Eyes are Smiling" will start to play. It is a great little item to remember your Irish Roots.

Shamrock Air Freshener


Shamrock Air Freshener - This Shamrock air fresheners is a great little item. Each Air Freshener comes with a little string on the top so that you can hang it from your rear view mirror of the car.

Lucky Irish Garter


Lucky Irish Garter - The Lucky Irish garter is a great gift for either the upcoming bride to be, or for somebody that is reliving that special day. It is a nice touch to have a tartan garter under a wedding dress. This garter comes in green, and it plays "Irish Eyes are Smiling" when you press the button.

Piper's Apron

CODE: G-169

The Piper's Apron - This comical apron is made of a vinyl material allowing it to be used for indoor cooking or outdoor barbecuing. The pattern makes the... More

Jimmy Visor - Grey Hair

CODE: G-239 B

Jimmy Visor - Grey Hair. A new fun twist on the famous Jimmy Cap. This visor has an adjustable, velcro back and is one-size-fits-all. With "Scotland" on... More

Scotland Clogs

CODE: G-200

Scotland Clogs - These fun clogs come in sizes 36 through 40.

Country Coasters

CODE: SM-850

Country Coasters - These fun coasters are a great way to protect your table top. All coasters are printed on site, so they are always in stock. Size is 3.5"x3.5"

Country Toothpicks

CODE: G-530


Whiskey Bottle Opener

CODE: G-689

This wee little whiskey bottle measuring only 3.5" tall has a bottle opener attached to the cap and a magnet on the back. Note: Bottle is filled with amber... More