Flask's & Quaich's

Quaich - Small 2.5"

CODE: G-501

Quaich - Small 2.5". The Small Quaich measures 2.5" It is made of pewter and has a detailed band around the upper ring of the outside. This Quaich comes in a silk lined box.

The Quaich is Scotland's Cup of Friendship The word "Quaich" is derived from the Gaelic "cuach" which means shallow cup. It became a favorite drinking cup throughout Scotland, originating centuries ago in the Western Highlands. Used for welcoming visitors or bidding farewell to friends, the Quaich was used by proud clan chiefs, worthy merchants or humble crofters and, as such, this unique yet simple drinking vessel has kept its beautiful shape and friendly purpose.

St. Andrew's Cross - embossed

CODE: G-525

St. Andrew's Cross - Embossed - This flask is made of stainless shell and is embossed with the St. Andrew's flag of Scotland. The flask holds 6 oz.

Leather Wrapped Flask

CODE: G-520

Leather Wrapped Flask - This Hip Flask is a perfect for the classy at heart. The flask is made of stainless steel and it is wrapped in a dark tanned leather. The flask will hold 6 ounces of liquid. Each flask is made of stainless steel, and comes boxed.

St. Andrew's Cross - painted

CODE: G-524