General Interest

Burns Supper Companion

CODE: B-290

Burns Supper Companion - This best selling book is an essential guide for anybody looking to hold a Burns Supper. It helps you not only set out the order of events for the evening, it also offers some good insight into the traditions that surround Robbie Burns Night.

Everyday Gaelic

CODE: B-270

Everyday Gaelic - Learn Gaelic. This book teaches you useful phrases, and builds your vocabulary. It takes a very systematic approach to learning how to speak the ancient language of Gaelic. There is an Audio cd that goes along with this, so that you can make sure you get your pronunciation correct.

Golf Book

CODE: B-297

Here is the quintessential guide to everything you wanted to know about golf, the game that has grown into a global sport with millions of followers... More

Kith and Kin

CODE: B-173

Scots Kith & Kin - This classic book is a great one for researching your family history. For anybody who is interested in the clans, then this is a must. The book lists all of the Scottish Surnames, and their links to the appropriate clans. Included in the back is a wonderful fold out map of Scotland with the clans listed.

Scottish Gaelic in 12 Weeks

CODE: B-272


Scottish Gaelic in Twelve Weeks -  This book covers essential points of grammer and pronunciation, and containing model sentences, key phrases, exercises based on real-life scenarios and a mini Gaelic-English dictionary. Scottich Gaelin in Twelve Weeks is the ideal introduction to the language, eminently suitable for self-learners and for use in the classroom.

The Essential Gaelic-English Dictionary

CODE: B-298


This combined dictionary is ideal for learners of Gaelic at all levels, and its generous coverage of vocabulary from fields such as business and IT makes it a valuable tool for all those who require an up-to-date reference work. It contains a large amount of explanatory material, numerous examples of usage and idiomatic phrases and expressions.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Tartan

CODE: B-296

This visual guide provides a detailed insight into the origins and history of tartan, and a comprehensive and informative directory of all the major... More

Tracing Your Irish Family

CODE: B-293

Tracing Your Irish Family History - by Anthony Adolph. This book is a great resource for anyone who has traces of Irish history in their ancestry. It gives you all of the tools that you will need to successfully find out about your long lost relatives.This book is up to date and includes information about searching for family on popular internet sites.

Whisky - All you need to know

CODE: B-087


Here is the quintessential guide to everything you wanted to know about Scotch whisky. Inside you will find all the relevant facts to do with your favourite classic malts, how ‘the water of life’ had its origins in mystic medieval times in ancient Caledonia, how bold smugglers risked life and limb to escape the dreaded customs men, the real story behind the fortuitous shipwreck of Whisky Galore!, a tour of the top distilleries and much, much more…