Drum Heads

Andante Bottom head

CODE: DA-605

Andante Bottom Head Clear - The Andante bottom head can be used on all major brands of snare drum.

Remo Bottom Head

CODE: DP-8303

Remo Snare Bottom - clear 14" This snare drum bottom head can fit on most makes of snare drum. It is being used by a lot of the top snare cores around the world.

Premier 16" Tenor Head

CODE: DP-8016

Premier Alto 16" Tenor Drum heads - These drum heads will fit most any style of 16" tenor drum. They can be used on both the top and bottom of the drum.

Core-Tec Top Head

CODE: DA-600

Andante Core-Tec Drum Head - The Core-Tec head is fast becoming one of the most popular drum heads on the market today. Many of the top performing pipe band drum core's are making the switch. This head is a bit thinner than other heads on the market, therefore you get a better top snare sound. These heads give you a more responsive feel to the drum.

Cybermax Top Head

CODE: DP-8337

Cybermax Drum Head - The Cybermax Drum head is one of the most popular drum heads on the market. They are made to fit the Premier snare drums.