Donald MacLeod Vol. 17


Price: $24.75

Donald MacLeod's Piobaireachd Tutorials - This series by Donald MacLeod is an incredibly complete series. You will hear Canntaireachd, Practice Chanter, and Spoken Word. There are 42 parts in total, recorded on 21 CD's.

Volume 17 - In this CD, tracks are on the following - Lament for the Laird of Anapool, The Battle of the Bridge of Perth, Nameless, Lament for Finlay, The Highland Society of Scotland's Salute, Nameless (Campbell Canntaireachd vol.1), Lament for Lochnell, The Bells of Perth, The Sister's Lament, The Gordon's Salute, MacKenzie of Gairloch's Lament.