Tartan Tots

Tartan Tot Bib

CODE: G-488


Bibs are one size fits all. Available in all five tartans.

Tartan Sleep Sac

CODE: G-493


Tartan Sleep Sac - Snuggle your little one in a cozy tartan sleep sac. Available in two sizes and all five tartans.

Tartan Housecoat

CODE: G-451


Tartan Housecoat - Keep your little ones warm and cozy with these fuzzy housecoats. Available in one size fits most, in all four tartans.

Tartan Tot Fleece Hat

CODE: G-485


Cozy and warm tartan hats. One size fits most children.

Tartan Vest

CODE: G-427


Tartan Vests - These little vests will look very handsome on your little man. Available in 3 sizes in all four tartans.

Tartan Shorts

CODE: G-480


Tartan shorts for your little man. Available in three tartans, sizes medium and large.

Tartan Skirt

CODE: G-424


Tartan Skirts - These little skirts will look adorable on your little girl. Our Tartan Skirts have a traditional kilt look but still have an elasticized waist. Available in 3 sizes in all 5 tartans.

Tartan Tot Fleece Hoodie

CODE: G-481


Snuggly, warm fleece hoodies perfect for cuddling. Available in 3 sizes and all 5 tartans.

Tartan Slippers

CODE: G-430


Tartan slippers -  These slippers are easy to put on squirmmy little feet but stay secure. The gripps on the bottom keep them moving. Made in all 5 tartans in sizes 3-6 & 6-12

Tartan Blankie

CODE: G-490

Hot Scot

Tartan Blankie - This soft blankie is available in 5 different tartans. The size is 26" x 40". Perfect for a cuddle with your wee scot.

Tartan Head Wraps

CODE: G-492

Hot Scot

Tartan Head Wraps - Add a little tartan to your wee ones head. Available in 5 different tartans. The band is made of lycra, the bow is polyester.

Flat Cap

CODE: G-495


The Flat Cap - A stylish cap for the trendy boy or girl. This classic style is available as one size fits all in the standard 5 tartans: Royal Stewart, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, newfoundland, and Black Watch (pictured).