Tartan Tots

Tartan Blankie

CODE: G-490

Hot Scot

Tartan Blankie - This soft blankie is available in 5 different tartans. The size is 26" x 40". Perfect for a cuddle with your wee scot.

Tartan Baby Bucket Hat

CODE: G-494


Tartan Baby Bucket Hat - The newest addition to the Tartan Tots line, this bucket hat is a one-size fits all (0-24 month) and available in Royal Stewart, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Black Watch, and Newfoundland Tartans!

Flat Cap

CODE: G-495


The Flat Cap - A stylish cap for the trendy boy or girl. This classic style is available as one size fits all in the standard 5 tartans: Royal Stewart, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, newfoundland, and Black Watch (pictured).