Instructional DVD's

Learn to Play the Bodhran

CODE: R-040

Learn to Play the Bodhran DVD - This instructional DVD is a perfect companion to the book by Connor long on how to lean the bodhran. It will help you with some of the finer points in playing. The nice thing about a DVD is that it gives you a visual idea of what you are meant to do. This is especially important when learning how to hold the tipper.

Pipes Ready


Pipes Ready - By Jim McGillivary - What piper doesn't have trouble with their pipes? Who wouldn't want them sounding better and easier to blow? This unique DVD takes you through the steps required to set up your pipes and maintain them in peak playing condition. Bags, reeds, reed selection, watertraps, blowsticks and more. Jim McGillivary covers all of this in clear language and great detail in a style that is both informative and entertaining.

Pipes Up


Pipes Up - By Jim McGillivary - How many of us cringe - performers and listeners - cringe at the grating sounds of un-tuned bagpipes? For many players the desire is there but the knowledge and technique needed to tune the complex instrument are not. This DVD demystifies the subject of tuning in a thorough easy to understand video. Jim teaches you how to tune drones and chanters and addresses maintenance issues that can affect your tuning success.

Learn to Play Irish Whistle

CODE: R-012

Learn to Play the Irish Tin Whistle DVD - This DVD teaches you all about learning to play the Irish Tin whistle. It will start you out slowly and get you to a point where you can play some simple yet enjoyable classics. Ireland's greatest Tin Whistle player...Vinnie Kilduff now shows you everything from beginners to advanced playing on this wonderful 50 minute video. Learn all the inner secrets of Tin Whistle playing