Bodhran 12" Souvenir

CODE: D-058 G

Bodhrán - 12" Souvenir Style - These 12" Bodhrans are great for having around the house. They are playable, and can also be used for decoration. They have a goatskin head with a design on them. We currently carry the four designs pictured at the right. These Bodhran's are made by Walton's Music of Ireland. Each Bodhran comes with a tipper.

Bodhran 18" Cross

CODE: D-052 C


Bodhrán 18" - These Bodhrans has a goatskin head stretched across an oak frame. These Bodhran's have a design screened onto the head. This Bodhran is made by Walton's Music of Ireland.  Each Bodhran comes with a tipper

Bodhran 18" Pack

CODE: D-100 N


These 18" Bodhráns have a goatskin head with a design on them. Each pack includes the Bodhrán, a tipper, case, and instructional DVD. These Bodhrán's are made by Walton's Music of Ireland.

Bodhran Cream

CODE: D-054 A

Bodhrán Cream - Bodhrán Cream is used to condition the Goatskin heads which allows better sound control and prevents the heads from coming away from the drum especially in dry climates.

Bodhran Tipper

CODE: D-057

Bodhrán Tippers -We carry a wide variety of Bodhran tippers. They range from the replacement ones from Walton's, to hand made exotic wood tippers that we have designed for us. Please contact us for details.

Child's Bodhran

CODE: D-042 A

Child's Bodhrán - Children's Bodhrán's are a great gift for for the young ones in your life. They come with many different designs, on them. The one pictured to the left is the trinity design. Child's Bodhran's measure 8" across and come with a smaller tipper. Please ask for details on the designs that we have in stock.

Soft Bodhran Case

CODE: D-053

Bodhrán Case - This Bodhran case is perfect for protecting your Bodhran. It will fit most 18" Bodhran's except for the tunable ones, as they are deeper than the regular ones. The bag is soft so it is easy to carry around with you.