Bill Livingstone Vol. 2

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Bill Livingstone Book 2 - This is Bill's latest book of Bagpipe Music. It has over 55 new compositions by Bill Livingstone, Bruce Gandy, Michael Grey, Jim McGillivray, Dr. Angus MacDonald, Eric Rigler, and more..... This book is full tunes for "In Celtic Times" and other selections from the 78th Fraser's CD's

Tunes in this book:

A 'C' Change
Aig Arras An Uachdaran
Alexandra's Fancy
Anne Milne
Back To Bellahouston
Brittany's Jig
Broken Tail
Canada Millenium Pipe Band, The
Captain's Pledge, The
Colintrive Slide
Craig Colquhoun
Dan J. Campbell's Reel
David Caldwell
Distant Wave, A
Duncan Pringle's Farewell To His Fourth Decade
Flight From Vail
Frances Gandy's Diamond Year
Glenna Mac Kay
Greyfriars Julie
Hi En Harin Hioto Hinem
In Celtic Times
Jake Watson's Reel
Jenny's Wedding
John Callahan
Justice Jack
Leaving Arisaig
Lindsay Kirkwood
Links Of Cavendish, The
Lord Todd Bar, The
Lucy's Frolics
Miss Lily
Morrison's Reel
Mr. Orange
Ness Walk, The
Nicole's Lullaby
Parker Walk, The
Pipe Major Alex Thompson
Pipe Major Ozzie Reid
Pipe Sergeant Iain Donaldson
Red Moon Ramble
Rodney Hull Q.C.
Royal Goose Bay
Rusty Pillow, The
Sean Mc Kenna
St. Lawrence Gap
Three Rocks
Tone Nazis, The
Top Of The Heap, The
Toronto Piper's Society, The
Tribute To Johnny Doran
Trouble With Ivan, The
Walking The Plank
Walking The Plank (Harmonies)
Wanderer, The