Tuners & Metronomes

Dalriada Bagpipe Tuner


Dalriada - Bagpipe Tuner This is probably one of the most complete bagpipe tuners on the market. The Dalriada tuner is being used by most of the top pipe bands in the world. This tuner is great for not only tuning the drones, and balancing the chanter, but it is also very precise at tuning the individual notes on the chanter. Having a high end tuner like this is a must for every Pipe Major. This comes with a 9 volt battery.

Korg CA-40


Korg CA-40 - This is a great little tuner for the individual. It can be used to balance the low and high A on a bagpipe chanter, and to tune the drones to the chanter. This tuner has a range from 440 hz to 490 hz. The CA-40 is a great item for the individual piper, but if you are looking to tune up a band, then it is recommended that you use the Dalriada tuner as described above. This unit comes with 2 AAA batteries

MA-1 Metronome



MA-1 Metronome The Korg MA-1 Metronome is small enough to fit in the sporran or pocket. This metronome includes 9 beat and 8 rhythm settings, a tap tempo button, and 12 reference tones with adjustable calibration. A metronome is a great investment for any musician. This unit comes with 2 AAA batteries

Metronome and Tuner Combo


Tuner & Metronome - combo TM-40 This Tuner/Metronome combo is a great little unit. It combines the CA1 bagpipe tuner and the MA 30 metronome. It is a perfect for pipers of all levels. This unit comes with 2 AAA batteries

HBT1 Tuning Clip



The Clip Microphone for Bagpipes is specially designed to conform to the curvature of the Drones and Chanter. It's innovative shape adjusts to the circumference of the pipes and features a highly sensitive piezo sensor, 1.75m lead, 1/4" male plug and strong clip mechanism with two rubber pads. Being properly cushioned the clip microphone will not damage the wood finish on your pipes. The HBTM Clip Microphone is also compatible with third party tuners such as the CA30. The plug is not compatible with the HBT3 tuner. The curvature design restricts interference from other instruments and allows precision detection. It is quick to attach and remove, ideal for fine tuning notes on the chanter even while playing with other pipers and drone tuning is fast once the detection 'sweet spot' is established. It's easy to tune quickly by yourself in the noisiest of environments. A pickup like the HBTM Clip Microphone is more accurate for transmitting sound into the tuner than a built-in mic. While some sound sources require the mic it is also more likely to pick up background noise causing interference with the sound from the instrument. The HBTM solves this. The HBTM Clip Microphone is ideal for pipers at home, easy to use and is the only precision microphone for Bagpipes with a highly sensitive piezo sensor.

PipeTech Precision Tuner


Tuner Features: -Quick and very precise flexible clip-on external microphone. Moulds to suit any shape of drone and allows easy reach -Microphone can also... More

HBT3 Tuner


Ideal for any piper wanting to tuner their pipes quickly. The HBT-3 is an easy-to-use pocket sized bagpipe tuner. Perfect for accurately tuning each chanter... More

Murray Blair Professional Tuner



The Blair Professional Analog & Digital Bagpipe Tuner is perfect for Pipe Band tuning to achieve a finely tuned pipe section. Both the LCD and Analog meters provide feedback with excellent detection of drones and chanter, multiple visual feedback options highlighting realtime frequency detection and pitch movement. If tuning in a band setting, we recommend the HBT clip (sold seperatly).