Airtight Seasoning 8 oz

CODE: A-010

Airtight Seasoning - Airtight Pipe bag seasoning is one of the most recognizable seasonings on the market today. This seasoning comes in an 8 oz tin, and can be warmed on the stove top in a warm pan of water. This tin should season the bag a total of up to 4 times.

Gannaway Seasoning


Gannaway Seasoning - Gannaway seasoning was originally designed for use in the Gannaway pipe bags. However it can be used in other pipe bags as well, The nice thing about this seasoning is that it does not have to be warmed before usage, so it can be used on the spot whenever you need it. It is recommended that if you have a Gannaway pipe bag, that you use this seasoning.

Bagtight Seasoning - 4 oz.

CODE: A-009

Pipers' Choice

Bagtight seasoning is to be used to season the pipe bag. Seasoning a pipe bag regularly will keep your bag from leaking air, and make the pipe bag tight! As well, the seasoning also helps to condition the skin of the bag and provide some moisture control. Bagtight Seasoning comes in 4 oz bottles. To re-season a bag, you only need to use about 2 oz of seasoning, so one small bottle will season your pipe bag one time. Bagtight Seasoning absorbs 3 times the moisture of other seasonings