Pipe Bags

Bannatyne Hybrid Bag

CODE: A-360

The Bannatyne Pipe bag is a unique hybrid of a traditional hyde bag, and the new synthetic bags, combining the best of both types. The synthetic lining means that seasoning is not necessary. While the hyde style fabric on the outside of the bag give the same feel as a traditional hyde bag. The zipper allows access to the bag for different moisture control systems. Tying in is easy, and each Bannatyne pipe bag come with a water trap. Bannatyne bags come in sizes Small Extended, Medium, and Large.

Bannatyne Synthetic Bag

CODE: A-024 Z

The Bannatyne zipper sythetic pipe bag without the weight of the hide. The zipper is located on the bottom of pipe bag providing a more direct access to drone stocks giving easier fitting of moisture control systems.

Begg Sheepskin Pipe Bag

CODE: A-022 R

The Sheepskin Pipe bag is the most traditional pipe bag available. The ones we carry are made by Bennett Pipe Bags of Scotland. Sheepskin bags have been making a comeback in the last couple of years due to the skins natural ability to absorb the moisture from inside the pipe bag. It is recommended that if you are using a sheepskin bag, that you use Airtight pipe bag seasoning. Sheepskin bags are available in Regular, Large, and Extra-Large.

Bennett Goatskin Pipe Bag

CODE: A-372

Goatskin is our top of the range bag. It's a great quality skin and gives you a longer lasting bag with great resonance and comfort. We believe that it's the new sheepskin - overtaking the status quo in terms of tonal quality and performance. Goatskin bags are available in Small, Medium, and Large.

Canmore Zippered Pipe Bag

CODE: A-400


The Canmore Zippered Pipe bag is made of a Gore-Tex material that has a pinhole-free fabric and fully sealed stitching. This bag is requires virtually no maintenance (no seasoning, naturally supple, pick up and play at any time). The fabric has automatic moisture control. The Canmore pipe bag is basically a no tying-in bag where you only need to tie in chanter stock. All other stocks are a friction fit. The Canmore zipper bag is available in large size only. If you are looking at a new pipe bag and would like to have either internal moisture systems, or drone systems, then this is a great pipe bag for you.

Fraser Vest

CODE: A-370

Pipers' Choice
Fraser Vest - for pipe bag For those that play a synthetic pipe bag and love the ease of maintenance of synthetic however prefer the feel of a hyde bag under your arm, then this is the answer. The Fraser Vest fits over the pipe bag, as shown in the picture to the left, and then gets hidden under the bag cover. The vest goes over the stocks, this is to avoid slipping. When you have the bag cover on your bag, nobody even knows it's there. It feels just like a hyde bag under your arm when playing. It's a great idea and works like a charm. Fits all types of synthetic bags.

Gannaway Zippered Pipe Bag with Grommets

CODE: A-114 M Z


The Gannaway zippered pipe bag has revolutionized the leather pipe bag market. It was the first leather bag to have a zipper in it. This allows for extra moisture control systems to be added, or drone accessories. The Gannaway bags are a next generation hyde bag. The reasoning for this is the revolutionary tanning techniques used in the production process. The bags are designed with a swan neck and double glued seams. Stock holes pre-cut allowing for easy tying-in. Each bag comes with a bottle of leather primer for first use.  They are available in extended small, medium and large.

Pipers' Choice Pipe Bag

CODE: A-276 SM

Pipers' Choice

The Pipers' Choice Pipe Bag is specifically designed for those players who do not play all that often however are looking for an inexpensive pipe bag. The bag synthetic but does not have grommets. You will have to cut the holes yourself, and tye in the stocks. The Pipers' Choice pipe bags are available as medium, and goose bags. The goose bags are great for many styles of smallpipes, and are standard on the Pipers' Choice Kitchen Pipes.

Ross Canister System - Full

CODE: A-391 R


The Ross Canister System is probably the best moisture control system on the market today. This system will control the amount of moisture that will flow to the reeds. This system is used by many of the top pipe bands in the world today, and continues to be the system of choice by top players. The system comes with 4 hoses (bass, outside tenor, inside tenor, chanter) a canister with lid, a replacement canister tape, and instruction manual. Individual parts are also available.

Ross Replacement Canister

CODE: A-390 R

The Ross Canister is a replacement for the Ross Canister system. This one has the top on it so that you can attach the hoses to the canister. You can also purchase the replacement canister without the top on it. These canisters are filled with the Ross clay for moisture control.

Ross Replacement Hose - Chanter

CODE: A-384R


The Ross Canister hose for the chanter is a replacement hose for the Ross Canister system. Sold individually. Drone hose replacements are also available.

Ross Replacement Hose -Drone

CODE: A-380


The Ross Canister hose for a drone is a replacement hose for the Ross Canister system. All drone hoses are the same length and interchangable to any drone. Sold individually. Chanter hose replacements are also available.