Pipe Bags

Gannaway Zippered Pipe Bag with Grommets

CODE: A-114 M Z


The Gannaway zippered pipe bag has revolutionized the leather pipe bag market. It was the first leather bag to have a zipper in it. This allows for extra moisture control systems to be added, or drone accessories. The Gannaway bags are a next generation hyde bag. The reasoning for this is the revolutionary tanning techniques used in the production process. The bags are designed with a swan neck and double glued seams. Stock holes pre-cut allowing for easy tying-in. Each bag comes with a bottle of leather primer for first use.  They are available in extended small, medium and large.

Begg Sheepskin Pipe Bag

CODE: A-022 R

The Sheepskin Pipe bag is the most traditional pipe bag available. The ones we carry are made by Bennett Pipe Bags of Scotland. Sheepskin bags have been making a comeback in the last couple of years due to the skins natural ability to absorb the moisture from inside the pipe bag. It is recommended that if you are using a sheepskin bag, that you use Airtight pipe bag seasoning. Sheepskin bags are available in Regular, Large, and Extra-Large.