Maintenance Items

Hemp - Waxed Yellow 2oz

CODE: A-030 Y

Pipers' Choice

Yellow Waxed Hemp - Yellow waxed hemp is used as a replacement to, or in combination with plain yellow hemp. The Yellow waxed hemp is the same material as plain yellow hemp, however it is pre-coated with wax, so there is no need for applying beeswax to the hemp to strengthen it. Having your pipes hemped-up properly is one of the most important maintenance aspects on your bagpipe. It will help with proper tuning, and air efficiency.

Chanter Stock Cover - Moisture Control

CODE: A-207

Chanter Stock Cover - Moisture Control - This is an inexpensive method to control the moisture in your reed when not playing. The cap comes with two compact sponges. Add water to one to provide moisture when not playing, or insert the dry sponge to absorb moisture. Replacement sponges available.

Pull Through Swab

CODE: A-014

Pipers' Choice
Pull-through Swab - 6" x 3.5" swab on a weighted 20" cord. The Swab can be used to either dry or clean the inside parts of the drones. Also in leather or sheepskin bags use this to clean the stocks on you pipe from the buildup of seasoning.

Practice Chanter Bristle Brush

CODE: A-012 A

Pipers' Choice
Practice Chanter Brush - Allows you to clean the sediment from the inside of the bore of the practice chanter, and the throat of a pipe chanter. The brush also allows you to clean out small finger holes in the pipe and practice chanter.

Shepherd Tone Enhancers

CODE: A-362

Shepherd Tone Enhancers - The Tone Enhancer provides a solution to problems of unsteady blowing, holding a constant tone in the drones and preventing excess moisture reaching the drone reeds. Tone enhancers allow players to maintain a tighter pipe bag while using less air to supply the reeds.

Piper's Pal Recharge kit

CODE: A-018 A


Piper's Pal Recharge kit - Recharge of the humidity control system is recommended annuallly to keep your Piper's Pal in optimal condition.

Chanter Stock Cover - Deluxe

CODE: A-042 D

Pipers' Choice
Deluxe Chanter Stock Cover - Just as the regular chanter stock cover, this one works in the same manor. The only difference in this one is the engraved design on the outside of the cylinder. Many pipers that play in either multiple pipe bands or play solo and band performances, have two or more pipe chanters in their pipe case. Having one cover different from the other helps in identifying each chanter as they can look very similar.

Tie-In Kit

CODE: A-016

Pipers' Choice
The Tie-in Cord KIT comes with 30 yards of strong waxed nylon tie-in cord, tie-in instructions, and 2 bits of leather for making welts for your chanter stock. There is enough cord here to tie in one pipe bag with all 5 stocks.

Hemp - Plain Yellow 2oz

CODE: A-030

Pipers' Choice

Plain Yellow Hemp - Bagpipe Hemp is a staple for every piper. Hemp is used on your bagpipes, and most practice chanters. It seems like you are always having to adjust a part of your pipes, and a roll of hemp is a must in every pipers case. Having your pipes hemped-up properly is one of the most important maintenance aspects on your bagpipe. It will help with proper tuning, and air efficiency. Plain Yellow hemp is the most popular and most diverse for using on your bagpipe.

Pure Beeswax

CODE: A-032 A

Pipers' Choice
This cob of pure Beeswax is used for the same application as the regular beeswax that we sell. Some people prefer the pure beeswax because it is stickier than the regular wax. Both work well on the hemped joints on the bagpipe.

Pipers' Beeswax

CODE: A-032

Pipers' Choice
Beeswax - This beeswax come in a container for easy application. The beeswax helps protect the hemp from extra moisture. The extra moisture can cause swelling that makes it difficult to move the hemped areas of the bagpipes. To use, simply run the hemp through the plastic holder device. Some pipers run the beeswax over the final wrap of hemp to ensure that the parts move smoothly. To do this, you will have to remove the hemp from the container. If you prefer, you can purchase pre-waxed hemp in either black or yellow rolls. This will save you time in waxing.

Teflon Tape

CODE: A-129

Pipers' Choice
Teflon Tape is a non-stick tape that can be used to to properly fit your drone slides. This tape can be used when you just need to add just a bit of thickness to the hemp on the drone slides.