Antipodes Vol. 1

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Antipodes Volume 1 - The Antipodes Collection of music is compiled by Mark Saul. There is a lot of modern music in here. A lot of the tunes in these books were made popular by the Victoria Police Pipe Band. Some of the tunes listed in these books have fast become classics in the pipe band idiom.

Tunes in this book:

Acid Piper
Acoustic Barbarians
Airlie's Big Day
Back In The Bar
Battle Of The Bands (With Harmony)
Big Jaunt, The
Brian Symington
Brisbane Runaround, The
Colonel Rodney
Daylesford Street March, The
Donald's Big Milking Machine
Eimie's Impact
Emma Street Exodus
Fair And Forty
Follow That Car! (Lean An Car Sin)
Frollicking Paddy
Going Steaming
Hell Bound Train, The (Tune For A Trio)
Humours Of Ballyloughlin, The
In Full Flight
Jenny's Chicken's
Lean An Car Sin (Follow That Car!)
Maxville Via Satellite
Me Clootch Is Awee!
Neil Barr's Bulgarized Bouzouki
Piping Hot
Pump It Out
Red Haired Rafter, The
Richmond Castle
Ronda Blair
Sleep Soond In Da Mornin'
Towerhill View